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The GARDEN 2008

The garden is producing tomatoes, beets, Romaine lettuce, cut lettuce, garlic, parsley and Zucchini. Also our flowers are in full bloom and thriving. We have gotten a some artichokes and strawberries and expect a lot more. Evidently the rodents in the area also love artichokes. So we set some traps and have terminated quite a few. Since the weather has gotten into the 80's, the garden has come alive and all the plants are soaking in the delightful sunshine and moisture.


This is the artichoke bush and you can see some of the fruit.


Rows of tomatoes are reaching for the sky and its soothing rays of light and heat.


These are Doug's early cascade tomatoes and flowers.


Here are pepper plants, cut-lettuce, beets, zucchini, watermelon, cabbage, etc just basking in the sun!!

What am I doing now

GENEALOGY ! - More to come...


Gardening (see left hand column)

Water Serenade

click: "Water Serenade" to view
(Give it time to download - MS Powerpoint needed - pps 4.26 MB
- and turn on your speakers)

With some pictures and music sent to me, I put together a Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow.
Turn up your computer sound.
If you have MS PowerPoint, just click on the attachment and I'll do the rest for you.
Water, the sustainer of life, is all around us.
With this theme in mind, sit back, relax and I'll take you on a serendipitous journey of sight and sound (smile).
I hope you enjoy this water serenade----cwh

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